We can make a difference ONE child at a time.


Our One Child – Bo

Bo on a wake board Bo on a wake board

Bo is a sweet little guy who spent time with a host family this summer. Here’s what they had to say:

“He is an amazing little guy who needs a family.  He loved having my other 4 kids around but really cherished that one on one with a mom and a dad.  He is a boy full of life and so wanting a family to show him all the adventures life has to offer.”

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Forever Family Found! – Jing.

Jing just turned 13 in February which means he has less than a year to find a family. His adoption must be completed before his 14th birthday or he will be discharged from the orphanage with no support.
He is very bright and would like to be an astronomer someday. He is polite and thoughtful, never aggressive or even unkind. I was amazed at his kindness to younger children.  Read More…

Red Diamonds.

Joshua Jank Joshua Jank

Joshua Jank (19) entered Hospice Care in August 2013 due to complications by Sickle Cell Anemia. He is on a mission to find a home for Jing, an orphan in Asia who needs a forever family.
Join him in finding a home for Jing, and learn more about his mission of making a difference. Visit his site –