Summer Camp Love Op

How many of you have fond memories of summer camp? Playing outside, learning new things, making new friends, crafts and swimming.horses Do you remember feeling free to just be a kid? How about your exhaustion by the end of the week? You played so hard and you were finally ready to go home to the family that was waiting for you. What about the cost? Do you remember how much it cost? $100, $200, $300? Now think about what life would have been like without camp and without the family to go home to.

Today I want to introduce you to Camp Lela Odessa. Camp Lela Odessa exists to allow Ukrainian orphans to have a camp experience. A place where they can just be a kid, make friends and learn new things. One of the the most important things they want these kids to learn is about Jesus and his love for them. This summer Camp Lela Odessa hopes to give this opportunity to over 800 children!

Here is what Camp Lela Odessa has to say about themselves.

Camp LELA is a ministry of Nasledie Heritage Foundation that seeks to minister to orphans and children from troubled homes. Our goal and heart’s desire is that each child from the orphanages that we work in would have at the chance to come and spend a week to ten days in our camp in the summer. Volunteers demonstrate Christ’s love for the children and help to provide an environment that is unique and different giving the children a great life experience. We want each child to feel loved and to hear about God’s love for them. We also want them to have a great time! We spend months planning for these camps and seek to provide a program that is spiritual and entertaining. It includes Bible lessons, all camp games, swimming, campfires, singing, crafts, sports activities, horseback riding, and much more.


I am so excited to bring this opportunity to all the Love One Child supporters. You have the opportunity to Love One Child by sending them to camp! For only $60! That’s right just $60 for ten days of camp, that’s just $6 a day! Good gracious, that would have been a great price even when I went to camp (way back when)! If you can’t afford to pay for a whole 10 days then pay for a day or two days. Together we can help send these kids to camp where they can learn about Jesus and just be normal kids.

If you would like to donate online click here.

Or you can send a check or money order to

A Family for Every Orphan

P.O. Box 34628 #37939

Seattle, WA 98124-1628