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Loved One, ASHER

Asher was hosted during our December 2016 hosting program at CCAI  This is what his host mom had to say about Asher:

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Asher is a loving little boy who gives hugs and kisses very freely and often!  He also loves to receive affection as well and would come up to each of us numerous times a day for a hug or a kiss or a pat.  He has a tender heart and adapts easily to new situations.

Asher gets along very well with other children and adults. He bonded with me and my husband.   Asher and my 10 year old son were always together and there were no issues between them the whole 20 days he stayed with us! In addition to a great friendship with my son, he also bonded with our two teenage daughters.  Asher loves babies and lovingly cared for my 1 year old niece at our family Christmas party!  He is very nurturing and gentle.  He would do well in a family with any age children, although will need a family that can give him extra time and attention for his CP and development issues.  I believe a family with kids older than Asher would help him gain strength with his mild cerebral palsy since he will want to keep up with them!

Asher laughs and smiles a lot.  He laughed the entire time he was swinging, sliding, jumping on the trampolines at the trampoline park and learning how to hit a baseball.  It was so fun to see how much he enjoyed these simple activities!  He loves bath time so much and would ask me every night after dinner if he could take a bath!  Of course we always said yes!  He loves to be on the go, loves to ride in the car and loves to push the basket at the grocery store!

Asher has so much potential and so much love to give! He also is a very hard worker and pitches in with whatever is going on.  He was willing to try anything and never gave up when he couldn’t do something.  He is very compliant and would do whatever we asked him to do.   These qualities will take him far!

Asher loves to sing!  We took him to church and he smiled from ear to ear during every song.  He sang his heart out even though he did not know the words!  It was so special to see. We had also explained that he needed to be quiet during church and he sat still and did a beautiful job the whole hour.  He learned how to sing Jingle Bells and the Clean Up song in English while he was here.  

Asher does know his colors as I tested him in Mandarin.  He does not seem to know how to write any pinyin and would only scribble when given a pen or crayons.  He also did not know how to treat a book or seem interested in letting anyone read to him.  He seemed to have trouble focusing on anything for very long although this seemed to improve some over the course of his visit.  He did enjoy stickers and would do this for long periods of time.  His new family will need to be committed in starting at the beginning with his education.  He is very behind for an 8 year old but we see him responding well with someone working with him!

We feel Asher has some vision problems.  We know he can see out of one eye because he could see us and wave from a long distance away.  However, he would trip on objects right below his feet which led us to believe something is amiss with his peripheral vision.  He would also turn his head to see things which led us to believe he may not be seeing out of his right eye.  Further medical evaluation will be needed to assess this issue.

Since his balance is a little unstable because of his mild cerebral palsy, he is most comfortable holding your hand outside the home where ground is more unstable.  He is very weak on one side and needs muscular development and strengthening.  However, in the few weeks Asher was here, his running and walking improved as he played outside and at the park.  We feel he would make major strides with some P/T, OT and S/T to help him along!

We did have issues with Asher having meltdowns until we insisted he take a nap every day.  The meltdowns were fewer after that time.  He is also very inquisitive which can get him into danger quickly if not monitored.

Overall, Asher is a precious boy.  He has a lot of things to work on, but we see so much potential if he has a forever family committed to his growth and development!

For more information on Asher, please contact Sheila King at CCAI 303-850-9998 x42

Loved One, LIAM

Liam is 8 years old and is a very happy little guy with the most contagious giggles you’ll ever hear. I have no doubt that he’ll bring much joy to his forever family.  
Liam has down syndrome and a systolic heart murmur, but he doesn’t let either of these things slow him down! He is a very energetic and active little guy who enjoys playing outside (at the playground, swinging and going down the slide are favorite activities), but he also is great at entertaining himself indoors by looking at books or “writing” (making marks on paper). He has a great imagination and especially loves to pretend to cook! He plays well with others but just as often seems to enjoy playing independently. Liam loves looking at pictures of himself and of people he knows — and he can be quite the little ham in front of the camera. He also really enjoys music and will often dance along to songs. He is a great traveler — not only did he come all the way from China for the hosting program, but he also roadtripped with me & Christina from Texas to Florida and back (and he did a great job)! 
Liam loves to eat — applesauce, bread, fruit snacks, and goldfish crackers are some of his favorite foods, but he isn’t a picky eater at all and eats his fruits and veggies without complaint. He may be sensitive to lactose — we cut dairy out for the most part after the first week, and he did better after that, but it’s hard to know if it was truly the dairy that was problematic or if his body just hadn’t adjusted yet to ALL of the new foods.
Liam also has a bit of a mischievous streak — which isn’t a bad thing, but he does sometimes need help redirecting some of his energy to a more positive activity. I did see improvement throughout his time here with his ability to be redirected, and discipline-wise, short “time-ins” where we sat together quietly on the floor were very effective.
Liam is able to dress himself independently for the most part — he just needs a little help sometimes putting his shirt on and with buttons. He loves to wear button-down shirts! He enjoys brushing his teeth, though he needs a little assistance to make sure he reaches all his teeth. He loves to comb his hair! Liam is currently still in diapers/pull-ups but recognizes when he needs changed, so I think with a little time and practice, he could learn to use the toilet. He did very well at bedtime — he usually needed me to stay with him until he fell asleep, but generally he fell asleep within 10-20 minutes and he slept well through the night the majority of the time.
If you would like more information on Liam please email us at and put Liam in the title.
You can also find more information on his Facebook page.
Please feel free to share his information and help us find his family.